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Home Assurance Plans
Get all your IT support for one low price on our monthly Home Assurance plans. Prevent future downtime for your home and office and keep your software up to date.
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Virus Removal Services
Virus and malware can effect your computer at anytime. Having updated virus scan software does minimize the risk, however it will not totally prevent all infections. Here at Solving IT we are able to remove most viruses at a reasonable rate. Prices starting at $50.Antivirus
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Computer Repair Services
Solving IT has the solution for your computer troubles. Our computer repair process will help to identify and fix many problems that can occur with your computer. Our process has been modified and updated with many years of experience, creating the great service we offer now. So whether your computer won't open files, has trouble connecting to the Internet, or simply won't start, our technicians can solve your computer problems and get you back up and running. Contact us today!
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